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BAYC offers a variety of clinical services to support youth with behavioral and emotional difficulties as they navigate the many challenges of transitioning into adulthood. For many youth, counseling and therapeutic relationships provide the only context for exploring the confusing issues of identity and struggles to define a sense of agency. Evidence-based or informed practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfullness Practices are utilized regularly as are in-vivo skills development and individual and group therapy sessions.

Services are fully integrated into all of our housing programs and are also available to aftercare program participants and through collaborations with community partners. All training, supervision, consultation, and treatment interventions are informed by a multicultural and multi-systemic understanding of client circumstance and context, difficulties, barriers and strengths.

Our services are provided wherever youth are most comfortable: in the community (schools, job sites, homes, etc) or at our office in downtown Hayward.

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